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Drift Yoga creates guided experiences that combine yoga wellness, wild destinations and adventure. 

Have you ever wanted to go somewhere but didn't want to go alone? Or wanted to go on a yoga retreat, but also wanted to explore the areas around? Drift Yoga takes all the planning and stress out of your hands, catering individual adventures and experiences for you! Step outside the box, go somewhere wild! Surf in the ice cold Pacific or exotic Indian Ocean, hike through the great rainforests, delve into nature, indulge in amazing cultures from around the world, and all with homegrown guides to give you the "local" experience! Our adventures are rustic, so not for the faint of heart. But this is your chance to get your feet a little dirty, live off the land, find that wild child inside of you! 


The adventure awaits if you choose to take it! 


Kristi McMillin

Yoga Teacher

Sami Bedard


Yoga Teacher

"There once was a girl who became unstuck in the world – she took the wind for a map, she took the sky for a clock, and she set off with no destination. She was never lost."
~Castles in the Sky

Her love of yoga and passion for travel and adventure, have led Sami to some of the most exotic and beautiful places on this earth. Always on the hunt for the next experience and guided by the mind frame that you manifest your own destiny, Sami is always on the move. Trading her surfboard for snowboard, you can find her living and teaching between Indonesia and Whistler, BC. If you're up for an adventure, this is your girl. 

On the mat, Sami will encourage you to explore new poses, to challenge your body and more likely challenge your mind. Her classes will lend a playful aspect to the yoga practice, while also drawing a calmness over the body and mind. She teaches the power of manifestation and positive vibes and is always there with support and a big smile.